Sunday, May 31, 2009

Long Post

I should have posted these pictures a few weeks ago...especially before the Memorial Day one - but oh well. But I still wanted to share what an awesome weekend I had on May 15/16th. Friday - I left work a little early and drove to Richmond to see my best friend & roommate from college, Sarah. She was in town because her sister was graduating from nursing school - I'm so proud of Steph! So I took it as an opportunity to go visit with Sarah & her family. She lives in New Jersey so whenever she comes back home to visit I always try to make a trip up there.

We had a photo shoot before we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings - reminds me of Harrisonburg...yummy! We got 50 wings between four people and I think we got 5-7 different flavors.

Before we went to dinner Stephanie decided to wear her hair curly like her sister. Don't they look cute?? And TOTALLY like sisters...or even twins?

After I spent the night in Richmond I got up the next day and drove back home to attend the Relay for Life event at King George High School. I always go to support my mom. It was a beautiful day with lots of sun! I did manage to remember sunblock this time and only got a little burnt. I was very excited that Sarah & Addy stopped by to check out the fun!

Addy earned some pink beads and did not want me to take them from her ;) Look at that face - hahahaha! Actually she wasn't mad about anything, I think I just took the picture at a funny time.

"Back away from my necklace Auntie Shell!"

"Ahhhhhh-choooooooo! These are some strange smelling flowers."

Addy found someone's boa and we told her they were flowers. Bless her heart - she believed us and started smelling them. Evidently, anything she thinks is a flower she will bend down and smell it. Every time she sniffed in the feathers would tickle her nose & she would sneeze. I just had to put this picture up! It won't be long before I can't fool her anymore.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This has been a great weekend of chilling with my friends and family. I didn't have too many things planned because I really wanted to focus on getting my house ready for my Housewarming party. It's only two weeks away! Plus I've got to get everything ready for Amber's baby shower...the list is always a mile long =)

I've been meaning to take a picture of my new front porch chair set, but always think about it at the wrong time. I searched for awhile before I found these at Walmart. They were running low on stock in Fredericksburg so I drove to La Plata and got them there. Of course the box wouldn't fit in the back of my Honda Civic so we took everything out of the box and literally shoved it in my back seat! They didn't take me too long to put together which was a good thing! And I really like how the red matches my shutters =) As you can also see my windows are open. I really love having the fresh air flow through the house, but unfortunately this weekend it got a little too hot & I had to turn on the AC. I was really loving my last two electric bills...but oh well - I can't fry in my own house!

Yesterday I walked to a cookout at my high school friend's house, Jason (who is also my neighbor). Well actually I didn't walk...I drove my John Deere lawn mower with the cart attached. I know it sounds funny but it was practical - I packed up my Bocce ball set, chair, cooler & food and drove right across the other neighbor's yard =)

One of the things I decided to bring to the cookout was a fruit tray. When you are dealing with boys they only think about having the meats (hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, shrimp, etc). I was able to use my new Pampered Chef Pineapple Wedger. It's just like the smaller apple one. I bought it because my mom's Relay for Life team was doing a fundraiser through PC so I decided to order a few things. I was a little skeptical, but I was really impressed with how it worked! Yummm...fresh pineapple!

Hope you had a good LONG weekend =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Becky's Baby

I should have posted this picture a few weeks ago because now Charlie looks so different. My good friend, Becky, had her precious baby boy a few weeks early. We were scheduled to have our normal monthly girl's dinner so we decided to go to Richmond instead to visit Beck & the new baby. Charlie had jaundice when he was born so he was hooked up to a bili light when we were there. We could hold him, but we had to stay near the light station. Of course other people got to hold the lil man for a bit...but you know me - will take whatever chance I get to hold a baby. I just love snuggling with them - and look how perfect he fit on my chest.

Congrats Beck! I'm so happy for you & Jacob =)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Purse Shelf

This one definitely tops the purse shelf I had in college in our apartment. These new shelves span one whole wall in my guest bedroom. I'm so excited they are finally finished! My dad came over on Sunday and got them up & I immediately hung all of my purses. I know I have a lot...but at least now I have a really cool way to display them (and hopefully it will go with the theme once the guest room is complete). You can't really see the hooks, but they are cool little metal hooks I got from Lowe's. When I was imagining what to use I could not have dreamed up a better hook for hanging multiple purses =)

Since my housewarming party is Sunday, June 7th I've created a to-do list of things I want to get done before everyone sees my house for the first time. I don't HAVE to get them done, but it would be really nice. Getting the purse shelf hung was close to the top - now it's time to move onto the next thing.

This is another piece of 'art' that I got for the guest room. As you can tell it matches the other 4 pieces perfectly. I hung this on a smaller wall & I'm going to hang the 4 pictures on one of the longer walls. I'll take more pics as the room gets closer to being finished (which probably won't be for awhile). In order to finish the guest room I have to buy new bedroom furniture for the main bedroom (which I already have picked out). I'm probably going to wait until Christmas & then I'll move my old furniture into the guest bedroom.

Last picture on this topic. I got this lamp at Family Dollar (of all places!) and then sewed the pink stuff around the edges. I'm really happy with how it turned out - this will go on the nightstand. Oh-la-la!