Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolution(s)

Normally I don't like to make a habit of making New Year's's just something else to not do & then be mad at yourself. But this year I've created a few that I think will be easy to accomplish:

1. Make one new recipe a week (considering I don't cook much, this should be attainable for me)

2. Start to run more - I don't think I will do this until it gets warmer outside, but I'd like to 'enjoy' running more. I've been working out, but I think if I start running it will really pick up my game!

3. Make a quilt

4. Lose another 10 lbs (this past year I probably lost about 25 lbs total. I'm starting to feel great, but I could stand to lose another few - esp for Lins' wedding in May 2010)

Hope everyone had a great holiday & a Happy New Year :)