Monday, March 16, 2009

New Orange Necklace

As you know orange is my favorite color, along with every other bright color. When I went into Terry's bead shop (on Rt 301) and saw this bright colored bead I fell in love with it! So I looked around the store to see what other beads I could put with it & I found the awesome bright orange beads! I'm not sure the exact kind of bead, but they are beautiful! The pictures really don't do it justice.

Close-up of cool bright bead.

Close-up of orange beads with other accents.

Going Gov't

I've officially switched badge colors today - I am now a government employee. I was with BearingPoint for 4.5+ years and recently decided that I needed to make the jump over to the govie side, and I think it was at a perfect time in my life. I'm very thankful for all the people that helped get me there!!! And since I don't have a work lap top at home anymore - I physically CANNOT do work from home! Now I'm just trying to figure out what to do instead!?! Maybe clean...maybe unpack some more boxes...or maybe NOTHING but play my new Wii game =)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Super Sunday Savings

I made a trip to three different places today to get things for super cheap. I always anxiously await the Sunday paper to see what the next week's coupons are going to be. Here are some of my deals at Rite Aid (total = $9.10):
1. Hershey Kisses x 3 = $4.14
2. Paper Towels x 2 = $0.98
3. Secret Deoderant = $1.99
4. Juicy Fruit Gum = FREE
5. Herbal Essence Shampoo = $1.99

CVS (total = $2)
1. Pringles x 2 ($2)
2. Irish Springs Body Wash (Free with CVS rebate)
3. Colgate toothbrush (Free with CVS rebate)

My favorite one where I saved $33 dollars - SFW (total = $62). They were tripling coupons up to $1 and doubling $1 coupons. Most of the coupons I had were $1 - so I saved $2 on almost everything! I'll just mention the things that were the cheapest =)
1. Turtle Chex Mix ($0.50)
2. Two boxes of Pop Tarts ($2)
3. Huggies Baby Lotion -->for a present ($0.99)
4. More deoderant ($0.50)
5. Crest toothpaste ($0.50)
6. Satin Care Shave Gel ($0.79)
7. Box of Frosted Flakes ($1)

First Blog Ever

I wanted to set something up where I can post random things about myself. Deals I get at the stores, completed jewelry, pics of my new house - so we'll see how long this lasts. My best friend, Sarah, gave me the idea. In the next few days I'll try to post my recent deals at Rite Aid, CVS & Shopper's Food Warehouse.